A marketing production agency that push boundaries.

We’re a group of makers, material nerds and project managers. For each project we objectively choose the right methods, makers and materials, so that you can have the best possible outcomes.

Despite working with ideas, brands and marketing, we are not a design or creative agency.

We inspire, advise and help on material selection and ideas, source the right makers and take care of the production together with our network of producers and makers. We handle on-site event and retail builds, warehousing and logistics.

Since 2011, we have gathered a network of hundreds suppliers, makers, craftsmen and commercial artists that can literally turn any idea into life.

Therefore, for each project we can objectively choose the best alternatives as we are not tied to any machinery, materials, stock products, factory line or production method.

  • Founded in 2011, previously operated as Gravity Nordic
  • Fully independent marketing production agency
  • Offices in Helsinki and Stockholm
  • Home to more than 10 production experts and project managers
  • Recognised in Cannes Lions, Red Dot Awards & Vuoden Huiput
  • Net Promoter Score of +74 (measured in January 2020)
  • A pending B-Corporation (sustainability certification)

We live by three core values

01 Bona fide.

Be authentic.

02 Be beneficial.

Do what it takes to meet and exceed expectations.

03 Feeling of Life.

Have the courage to challenge yourself, learn and feel.

Meet our team

Marko Heino Framme

Marko Heino
Chairman of the Board
+46 |0| 72-702 16 36

Tuomas Vainio Framme

Tuomas Vainio
Chief Technology Officer

Jani Modig Framme

Jani Modig
Managing Director
+46 |0| 76-760 03 31

Lauri Kuusela Framme

Lauri Kuusela
Business Relations Manager
+358 40 087 7252

Kristofer Dalin Framme

Kristofer Dalin
Business Relations Manager
+46 70 624 12 27

Pauli Kuusijärvi Framme

Pauli Kuusijärvi
Head of Production
+358 |0| 45 265 2650

Sam Vikström Framme

Sam Vikström
Business Relations Manager
+358 50 434 4769

Andreas Nordenberg Framme

Andreas Nordenberg
Production Lead
+46 70 844 12 05

Join us

We are always looking for kickass talent to join our band. If you are passionate about sustainable, tailor-made marketing and want to work with the some of the biggest brands out there please head to our Careers section.