Connected Christmas Sweaters

Just before Christmas Åkestam Holst, an award-winning Swedish advertising agency, asked us to help with another Christmas sweater campaign. Last year we helped TBWA Helsinki and HS to create Ugly Truth Sweaters which got nominated at Cannes Lions. This year the concept was something different; a good combination of technology and saffron.

Christmas time can be a hectic and stressful time of the year for many people. Sometimes even for creatives, designers and marketers who are working on campaigns with tight end-of-year deadlines.

Just before Christmas 2019, an award-winning creative agency Åkestam Holst reached out to us to help with their latest concept for 7-Eleven Sweden. This concept was about connecting traditional Christmas Sweaters to the Internet and multiple data sources including local traffic and weather reports and social media posts.

Connected Christmas Sweaters by Åkestam Holst, Framme and Arrow ESC for 7 Eleven
Connected Christmas Sweaters by Åkestam Holst, Framme and Arrow ESC for 7 Eleven

The challenge

The biggest challenge of the project was to find the right technologies and tech team that could combine physical elements like Raspberry Pi and sweaters with such a tight deadline. And like always, we helped turn an idea into reality.

Collaborating with Åkestam Holst’s creative team and one of our technical partners Arrow ESC Stockholm we worked on programming the connections to various data sources by using Rasberry Pi portable CPUs, location detection and Wi-Fi. With the help of the whole team, we knitted tiny portable computers and LED lights to the actual sweaters.

Connected Christmas Sweaters by Åkestam Holst, Framme and Arrow ESC for 7 Eleven

The solution

Once connected, the sweaters analysed data of selected 7Eleven kiosk surroundings in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. When the real-time data showed a higher level of stress, the Christmas sweaters started blinking and activated an offer where customers could get another traditional Lussekat bun made out of saffron for free. And yes, scientific research shows that saffron makes us happier and lower our stress levels. For Swedes, this was also great news because saffron-buns are one of the biggest Christmas traditions. Nom nom.

Bringing the physical and digital together in a fun way made the project interesting and fun to implement. Our stores really liked the promotion and more than 1000 customers collected the offer

Lennart Schultz,
Head of Communication at 7-Eleven