Guldägget x Framme

Guldägget turning 60 years – Framme one their production partners

When Guldägget is turning 60 years and Framme 10 years in 2021, and when both embrace creativity, we just needed to collaborate.

Shave your hairy goals

Portrait of a buffalo – Shave your hairy goals. Photo by Markus Spiske

Companies consist of people. To lead a company, you must lead people. To lead people, you must first lead yourself. And for people to want to be lead, you must know where you’re going.

Smell the Fart

Smell the fart text on white background

I learned the term ”Smelling the Fart” when I took a creative leadership -course at Kaospilots in Denmark 2 years ago.

The Medium is the Message

The medium is the message triangle

In the past few months, I have been having many ridiculously interesting conversations with creative and art directors, brand, marketing and retail professionals like yourself about advertising, marketing and ideas.

rPET – Your new recycled alternative?

rPET recyclable cups

We’ve all seen the images of plastic waste and endless bottle mountains floating in our seas and oceans. Most of these abandoned soft drink bottles and detached plastic waste parts are made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). 

Going Green. Literally.

Green monstera leaves

We at Framme want to do things more sustainably. Earlier this fall, we partnered up with a sustainable clothing provider Stanley/Stella, and earlier this year also improved our logistic solutions with DHL’s GoGreen service.