Client case  Kaffa Roastery with Jari Salo

Spirit Animals of the North.

Have you heard that a tiny country in Northern Europe, Finland, consumes the most coffee per capita in the world? Its 5.5 million habitants sip coffee 3 times more per person than Americans, and almost 20% more than the 2nd country on the coffee addict list, Norway.

Kaffa Roastery Spirit Animal illustrations by Jari Salo

Kaffa Roastery, is on a mission to change these dark Finnish coffee habits. Instead of drinking the most coffee in the world, Kaffa Roastery believes Finns should drink the best coffee in the world.

Whilst premium coffee seems to be a rarity in Finland, the iconic Nordic forest mammals – brown bears, owls, lynxes, wolves, wolverines and mooses – have become a similar anomaly. That hasn’t always been the case. 

In ancient times, these spirit animals were met more often and even worshipped among people of the Northern lands. Just like premium coffee should be in these days. There lies the insight and connection between delicious premium, hand roasted coffee and beautifully illustrated spirit animal packaging.

Together with a extremely talented illustrator, Jari Salo, our production team started to design the tailor-made packaging. Both from the visual and technical perspective. The team decided to go with 4/4 CMYK printing, 1/1 matte and 1/0 gold foil with Kurz Luxor 338 in the lid of the box to visually make standout experience. Boxes where die-cut, glue and assembled to perfection.

Since the launch of these beauties, Kaffa Roastery has been nominated the best coffee roastery and the best coffee shop in Finland. The spirit and rarities that Kaffa’s customers are truly worshipping.

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