Client case — Anton & Anton with Bond

Truly tailored apparel and packaging 

Anton & Anton is a grocery store, restaurant and kiosk chain exclusively focusing on naturally ready-made foods, products and ingredients. With an online service, they also home deliver meal kits with nom nom recipes and ingredients.

Anton&Anton packaging by Bond Agency and Framme

In 2018, whilst working on their new ecological Kioski concept, Anton & Anton’s Marketing Manager Johanna Izarra was developing the new brand and packaging together with an award-winning design agency BOND. The duo had a challenge to produce a vast set of packaging and apparel that meet the EU food packaging and Anton&Anton’s sustainability criteria.

As we with Framme had previously done work together with the BOND guys, they invited us to join the project to handle all production and material consultation for custom food packaging and other apparels.

Anton & Anton packaging by Framme
Branded biodegradable paper cups for Anton&Anton by Framme

Together with BOND’s creative team and Johanna, we started defining details for all materials. For the EU regulated food packaging, we developed various die-cut prototypes to get the dimensions, structure and requirements right before final production. Making stackable triangular shaped food packaging with a window is not as easy as it might sound. Therefore we tested a few different factories for the best solutions.

We helped to create branded apparel with truly unique pieces. Tote bags in organic cotton that were dyed precisely to the PMS colours of their visual identity and glass water bottles with matching neoprene sleeves.

All custom made as it should be.

We needed a partner who was willing to take full responsibility for sourcing and production. They were always willing to take the extra step to achieve the best result and we highly appreciated their service-minded attitude where everything was possible.

Accuracy in project management including cost estimates, timelines and quality of the final product was on the top level. I can highly recommend them to any company who appreciates excellent service and quality. — Johanna Izarra,
Marketing Manager and Purchase Director

Our relationship with Anton & Anton doesn’t stop here. Since the first packaging and apparel project back in 2018, we have been helping Anton & Anton with their other in-store elements and obviously reorders.

By keeping their packaging and apparel in one of our warehouses, Johanna’s team can continuously reorder customised brand materials directly to their stores and kiosks whenever they’ve run out. Like concierges, we at Framme make things easy from start to the end.

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