Client case  Kyrö Distillery

Nim deine gurke aus meinem gin.

Dream and dare they say at Kyrö Distillery. Since ideating the all-rye distillery in the sauna over a drink, the founders of Kyrö have certainly dreamed and dared to do things differently.

Kyrö Distillery popup bar at KaDeWe shopping mall by Framme and Tiina Rytkönen

Their unique gins and whiskeys have been recognized globally and together with fantastic brand collaborations the distillery has reached cult status amongst gin and whiskey lovers. In August 2020, it was time for another dream; expanding the brutally Finnish Kyrö brand to Germany. Jawohl.

Kyrö’s marketing campaign took over the streets and bars of Neukölln and the Internet. The distillery also wanted to introduce the Finnish brand in the country’s largest and most prestigious department store KaDeWe. Tiina Rytkönen designed a wonderful popup space into the heart of the department store’s food section on the 6th floor – called “Die Sechste”

Kyrö Distillery popup bar at KaDeWe shopping mall by Framme and Tiina Rytkönen

The idea of the popup with seating and a product promotion was to allow food enthusiasts and shoppers to take a break over a delicious G&T and to learn more about Brutally Finnish mentality. Together with Tiina and Kyrö’s co-founder Mikko Koskinen, we turned this daring idea and design into life in just a few weeks during the summer months.

One of the reasons the popup worked so well at KaDeWe was the fact that we used real, natural materials that were similar to the department store’s interior. It felt and looked like our popup was a permanent solution at KaDeWe rather than a promotion. — Mikko Koskinen,
 Co-founder at Kyrö Distillery
Kyrö Distillery popup bar at KaDeWe shopping mall by Framme and Tiina Rytkönen

Together with Tiina’s popup blueprint and the branded visuals by the talented guys at Werklig we wanted to tell the story about Kyrö brand’s uncompromised quality, by using as many natural materials as possible.

We applied plywood to create reusable cubic shelves and backdrops with prints and 3D-lettering. We built a bar from tiles and used steel product podiums to create a natural and spacious feeling. We rented design chairs and tables and placed a dark carpet underneath to frame the area. Framme’s production team partners in Berlin handled the logistics and installations by building everything up in just a few hours.

The feedback from Kyrö’s Head of Brand Mikko was super; ‘I was really happy on the quality of the popup elements and how Framme’s team put everything together.’

About KaDeWe

Innovative, luxurious and pioneering – with more than 60,000 sqm the KaDeWe is among the biggest department stores in the world. The exclusive choice of products, the fine feel for trends, and the artful implementation of the latter have influenced the KaDeWe’s image significantly.

On each of its eight floors the premium department store manages to present its brand portfolio and shopping highlights at its best: The international luxury and premium brands range from fashion, accessory, and beauty to home and living, and food. Whilst building the bridge between tradition and modernity the KaDeWe remains cutting-edge in terms of shopping-culture.

Photos from KaDeWe by Kimmo Syväri (except that beautiful selfie by Mikko)

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