Client case  Linkosuo with Bob the Robot

100% fat crisps.

Heads up! Before you read this any further, we want to warn you about the content regarding this project we did together with a creative agency Bob the Robot for a Finnish bakery Linkosuo. In all its glory it’s a bit disgusting.

100% fat crisps for Linkosuo's campaign.

Linkosuo has a big portfolio of snacks, chips and crisps made out of rye and oat that have much less fat in them compared to the traditional potato chips. With this fact and insight, Linkosuo’s agency Bob the Robot came up with an idea of revolting 100% fat chips that social media influencers could try, showcase and examine against Linkosuo’s healthier chips. But who and how could you make the most disgusting crisps of all time?


Again with these weirdo (and normal) projects, the Bob and Robot creatives reached out to us and asked Framme’s help. As we knew the Two Michelin Star Chef Hans Välimäki from previous projects we had done together, we were 100% sure that his team at Penélope Restaurant deliver miracles for this project. And of course, they did. 

The team combined with chefs and our non-kitchen experts ended up putting 100% pork fat chunks to the oven for several days with very low heat. This disgusting procedure somehow turned out quite nicely as the heat contracted 90% of the fat into thin crisps. Revolting crisps. Our Business Relations Manager Sam had to operate as the guinea pig to test the outcome and was ready to hit the shower after taking just a small bite of one of them. Apparently, they really tasted so disgusting.

Once the crisps were done, we also created custom made bags for the revolting treats before delivering them back to Bob the Robot and the influencers Seksikäs Suklaa and Karoliina from Kauhukeittiöt. Check how Karoliina tested the crisps in her YouTube channel or view Seksikäs Suklaa and Dosdela’s hilarious video here.

Sometimes the physical elements we help our clients to produce are just perfect for digital channels use. And that’s the beauty of it. Your imagination is the only limitation.


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