Making your brand stand out.

Framme helps brand builders make retail, point-of-sale and event elements, brand activations and merchandise. Sustainably and tailor-made. Like they always should be.

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01 — What to make? And why?

Inspiring and co-creating.

We want to understand your brand and business goals, so we can use our vast production expertise and co-create ideas to meet your goals. We’ll challenge you to make marketing in an increasingly sustainable way.

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02 — How to make it?

Innovating and prototyping.

Our team guide you to select right sustainable materials, methods, create prototypes and innovate new solutions. We combine makers and experts that even your wildest ideas can come to life. Read more.

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03 — Who can make it? And when?

Sourcing and producing.

We find the best makers from our network, provide you a plan with prices, delivery times & samples, and handle all productions, logistics, and even warehousing and on-site installations. Check how we do this.

Always choosing the best makers and producers.

As we are an independent marketing production agency without own factories or machinery, we select the best makers from our network of producers and craftsmen for each project. Together with them, we are experts of the following.

  • Apparel, clothes and textiles
  • Banderols and beach flags
  • Bar and restaurant elements
  • Brand activations and guerrilla campaigns
  • Commissioned art pieces
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Digitally connected things (IoT)
  • Exhibition and event builds
  • Flyers and flags
  • Large format prints
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Merchandise, giveaways and gifts
  • On-site installations
  • Packaging and custom made bottles
  • Point-of-sale materials
  • Popup retail spaces
  • Prints and publications
  • Retail displays and elements
  • Retail rollouts
  • Stickers, labelling and tapes (vehicles, stores etc.)
  • 3D printing and modelling
Framme Store Ordering Tool SaaS

Framme Store, our digital ordering tool, helps you simplify and keep track of your brand collateral orders, stock and deliveries.

Magical brand control.

Empower your whole team to see your brand collateral inventory and to order items easily from all your suppliers and warehouses. This is a true one-stop-shop.

Analyse current brand collateral.

We can analyse your current brand collateral and potentially give cost savings or quality improvements through Framme’s large network of trusted suppliers.

Stack orders to cut costs.

By stacking and centralising orders from all your team monthly, quarterly or yearly, we can help you to make savings in production and logistic costs. Neat, right?

Our team is here to help with your projects. Like your new, best colleague.

Reach out to us with your challenge or schedule a meeting to hear how you and your business could benefit from using our production team’s expertise.

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02 — How to make it?

We innovate and choose the right materials and production methods.

Framme was founded on the idea that greatly designed marketing ideas can create stronger connections between people and brands.

We solve design challenges together and help you choose the right sustainable materials and productions methods early. With our partner Cambri we can test product concepts and packaging design with thousands of consumers before choosing the best option.

The outcomes are tailored, well-thought and validated productions that give your customers long-lasting, on-brand, goose-bumping experiences that can even change consumer behaviour whilst creating impact to your business.

When to talk to us?

  • Starting to plan and create your marketing, retail or event concepts
  • Looking to design your or your client’s brand collaterals and/or product packaging
  • Thinking how to produce marketing items more sustainably

See case studies: Anton&Anton, HS Ugly Sweaters, 7-Eleven, Koskenkorva POS

Framme Production Team
Textile factory

Save time with sourcing, samples and quotes by using Framme’s expertise and extra pair of hands.

Our approach to marketing production is kind of straight-forward; making it as easy as possible to you. As an independent marketing production service, we can find and source the best makers for each project from our vast network of craftsmen, suppliers, commercial artists and producers.

Instead of spending time to find trustworthy, quality production partners from different disciplines and areas like printing, merchandise, events, brand activations and logistics, you can get everything from a single partner. Us.

By letting us take care of the boring stuff like sourcing, production planning, deliveries, rollouts and even assemblies you’ll have time for things that matter the most. We always ensure the quality of products and productions.

When to talk to us?

  • Looking for a maker. To produce something you haven’t done before
  • Looking to save time and working with multiple makers. And seeking for a production partner that can help with multiple areas of marketing production.
  • Thinking to outsource your production or sourcing process or parts of it

See case studies: Klarna Expo, Koskenkorva POS