Our goals and targets

Everyday we work towards becoming more sustainable as a company, from an environmental, social and economic perspective. And without a good challenge it is hard to bring out that fighting spirit. That is why we set ourselves up for some tough goals for 2021.

Our eight targets 

75% of our productions will be meeting at least four of our six sustainability criteria

Sustainability for us means a philosophy of continuous improvement, across social, environmental, and economic goals. To lead, innovate, inspire, and create positive impacts for our people, our customers, our partners, and our communities. We are developing a more robust and comprehensive approach to becoming increasingly sustainable. We are undertaking a comprehensive assessment of our suppliers, in order to develop stronger must trusted relationships with companies that are committed to a more sustainable pathway.  We are committed to becoming a B-Corp certified business, and are determined to ‘walk the walk’ as a company, working with our customers to achieve fantastic results in the most sustainable way possible.

25-49% of our productions will be from certified producers / suppliers

Certification of suppliers or products helps us to verify that sustainability claims are more than just empty ‘green wash’.  We’re about commitment and getting stuff done, not jumping onto the next bandwagon. There’s a range of certifications you may have heard of and some maybe not. But we’re making sure we know as much about the products we source as we can, and that they are on the same journey as we are – to become as sustainable as they can.

Greater than 20% will be produced by local producers

Not every great supplier has the resources to certify their efforts.  But that doesn’t mean they’re unworthy.  We also recognise that ‘local’ producers help shorten supply chains, bring strength and resilience to the economy and community, and often reduce the carbon footprint of the product, simply by being closer to the customer.  We also know that ‘local’ can be measured in a range of ways too. Which is why we’re tracking that as well, to better understand the advantages this can bring.

90% of textiles sold will use sustainable materials (i.e. will contain at least 70% organic fabrics or use at least 50% recycled materials)

We help to showcase your brand and your achievements. Why would we do that with something that screams ‘cheap’, ‘disposable’ or ‘forgettable’? We aim to provide fantastic apparel items that are also leading the way – whether that’s something made from sustainably certified organic cotton, new innovations in cotton alternatives, or products reusing recycled materials.

90% of materials used in printing productions will be certified and recyclable

We want our productions to go smoothly and be a hit with your customers. But what happens when the lights go down, the next product launch is around the corner, and the focus moves on? We want to leave a lasting impression for our customers, but not a lasting wasteful legacy. We want our products to last but also want those elements of our productions that have a shorter life to be sustainably sourced and either re-used or recycled. We believe in helping kick start the circular economy in marketing, which will also mean us both challenging you and working with you to rethink and reimagine what your physical marketing solutions might be.

60% of our customers will be helped to take more tangible actions for more sustainable marketing production

In the marketing game, much of what we do is for now, for this moment, for this campaign. But we want to create lasting relationships where we can work in partnership with our customers through the whole physical marketing process, before, during, and after. We want to share our ideas and work with you to make your productions as sustainable as they can be, making a lasting impression on your customers by helping to build on or complement your sustainability credentials.

Greater than 80 hours of pro-bono work with local not-for-profits

We want to give back to the communities we live and work in. Not in a cynical ‘look at us, aren’t we awesome’ way, but in a real way where we can use our skills and experience to give others in our community a helping hand, a step up, or a boost to the journey they’re also embarking on.

Achieving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of greater than 50

It goes without saying that we want to know that what we’re doing for our customers is top notch. The best it can be.  And to know how we can improve and of course, if we stuffed something up. We want to perform at the highest level, so we are always on a learning path of improvement, and actively seek feedback regularly from our customers. A Net Promoter Score is a great way to measure this. And we want to keep it moving upwards.

B Corp – Working towards certification

“A global economy that uses business as a force for good” and “balancing purpose and profit”. Sounds pretty neat right? Our CEO first got in touch with B-Corp in Australia a few years ago, and during the past year, Framme has applied to become a certified B-Corp. It is demanding, but oh so exciting. 

To be a certified B-Corps means getting behind their Declaration of Interdependence. It means that business should be done in a way that makes people and place matter. It means that the very being of the company should benefit all and do no harm. To be able to do this we have to understand how we are all dependent on each other and share that responsibility.

We have worked our asses off to pinpoint what it is we do and how it impacts others around us. We truly believe that we do good, but how do we prove it? We have been working on it for a while now and it is coming together nicely. Hopefully we will join the other 3 500 certified companies soon.

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