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If we would be a distillery we would have joined amazing companies like Ramsbury, Absolut Vodka and Kyrö to create our hand sanitisers to support everyone over these troubled times. But because we have no idea how to mix ethanol, glycerol and alcohol, we want to offer our support in another away.

We’ll give our new inventory and order management software for FREE of charge for brands. Our software help brands to simplify and keep track of their brand collateral orders, stock and deliveries and make cost savings by a few new interesting ways. It is already used by our splendid customers like Altia, Betsson, Casinohuone, Forenom and Wolt, and we are about to launch one with a legendary sports watch company Suunto.

Now when we have scaled our operations to more than a dozen countries, we realised that we can’t handle our brand collateral orders and deliveries via Slack or emails.

Framme’s super easy-to-use software and team that can adapt to our changes and requirements was exactly what we were looking for. We have been happy users since early 2019.

Juho Uitti Wolt
Juho Uitti
Central Sales & Partnerships Manager at Wolt

This special momentous offer comes with a precept. This offer is valid for the first six months after signup. After this 6 month freebie period, the monthly fee will move back to the normal 499€ per month. However, you can cancel the subscription anytime; before the freebie period ends or anytime with a three month’s notice.

For more information, head to or reach out to Jani via email or by phone +358 40 9312 666. I can then answer your questions regarding the store software. Not hand sanitiser recipes, I’m afraid.

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Jani Modig Framme

Jani Modig
Managing Director & Partner