Anything can be sustainable…


…if you have a good copywriter.

Sustainability – one of the trickiest and most meaningless words in the world. A word that you can easily fool people with.

A colleague of mine stated it best “Anything can be sustainable if you have a good copywriter.”

And I do agree. I mean, pretty much anything – plastic bags, bottles, underwear – can be sustainable if you just use them year after year. Or if “they are meant to be used”…


If you use the existing crap in the world to make new crap.

I use that word, sustainability, as well, maybe because it’s easy. And some may think I’m a hypocrite since I work with marketing. The same concept, probably, applies to airlines and fashion as well. I work in an industry that produces physical things for a world that is already full of things.

But the reality is, at this time and age, that people still fly, people still use clothes, people and brands still need to market themselves. (I mean, what’s the use of a brilliant idea if nobody knows about it…?)

So I admit, I don’t use sustainability because of what it means or could mean, but to get people to have a moment to think about the existing situation and their choices or, even worse, the opposite – unsustainability. (Is that even a word…?)

I’m no preacher or even an expert myself – I just believe people and brands want to be more “sustainable”, environmental and meaningful. But when you’re in a hurry, you don’t often have time to think or find those options. The options that aren’t just “greenwashed” with a nice story…

And I believe that I can best affect people’s thoughts, choices, and actions from within the industry. (And actually not be the hypocrite who just talks, complains and whines, and doesn’t do anything. “Talk is cheap…complaining is easy!”)

I just want to give people the option, an alternative way of thinking:

  • Can this be made somehow better – material choices, techniques, working environment?
  • Can we have it done somewhere closer to the client?
  • Do we or the receiver need this – or, is this just one of those “make the logo bigger “ things – is it actually meaningful?!

Look no further – since you’re FRAMME*.

We make inspiration actionable!

*Framme the name of the company and platform, it’s Swedish and means “you have arrived” 😉