Fake it till you make it!?

…bullshit…don’t lie.

Our CMO came to me with a possible topic to write about:

“How to make a difference; impactful marketing, short term = more expensive, long term effect = legacy”

I took the bait…And realised pretty early, it’s not really a topic for me to write about.

I’ve studied a bit of marketing at business school, but I’m not a marketing guy in that sense. 

And now, at this point, Arnt (our CMO) is probably going like: 

“You idiot, you’re not supposed to say that. You should be the industry expert…”

We’ve done very little marketing for our companies (Gravity Nordic and now Framme) up until the last 8 months, because I believe in things like: 

  • Get your own shit together first (don’t sugar-coat crap – turn your crap into solid rock – or even better; a diamond – and then tell the world about it.)
  • Less-is-more (don’t produce more shit into this world “because that’s what you do” – produce marketing that is meaningful, useful or impactful), 
  • If you do something, do it from the heart (like our launch event in London)

So, screw that role of saying or being something that (you think) others expect you to say or do… Like probably everybody else, I’ve also fallen to that trap before.  

But what I truly am in my heart is an entrepreneur, who is interested, enthusiastic and constantly studying psychology, who relies on authenticity and needs real connections to stay sane!

Simply put, in my opinion, marketing or anything else in life, is not about building a legacy. 

It’s about doing something you believe in and love to do. And I stress, not like to do, but to love to do!

Love is an emotion, the best emotion there is, which it all comes down to in the end. “In my life what I stand for are real emotions.”. I am who I am, and I believe and stand for these things because of my past and because of my values (read the previous posts if you want to know more). 

But no need to trust my opinions about emotions. Trust facts – experts and their studies and researches that states that:

  • 95 % of the purchasing decisions are subconscious. (Gerarld Zaltman, Harvard University)
  • Up to 90 % of the purchasing decisions are made with emotion. 

I’m not saying you don’t need facts at all, but actually you can throw away most of them… It’s sufficient to have a couple of facts or things that sound like facts, to support your subconscious and emotional purchasing decision.

And that’s unfortunately why this Fake News-thing has become some kind of definition of our time. 

People are emotionally biased. And when you support emotional bias with fact-sounding lies, it turns ugly.

However, I’m not deep diving into fake news and negativity. I want to concentrate on the positive side – love, gut feeling…and marketing. 

This is also Arnt’s sentence, which I took the freedom to adjust a little bit: 

“A brand is a person’s EMOTIONAL gut feeling about a company, product or organization”

Like I said, I wouldn’t try and create a legacy – not in business, not by marketing. I believe a legacy is always a by-product of your real passion.

If you want to create something unique and authentic, you can’t be copying others or shying away from things that might fail or make you look ridiculous.

A legacy is always something that is built from authentic beliefs, gut feeling and love. 

Create real connections between people and real emotions for the people and I believe you’re one step closer to building a legacy – and more importantly building a challenging, emotional and rewarding life for yourself.