Going Green. Literally.

We at Framme want to do things more sustainably. Earlier this fall, we partnered up with a sustainable clothing provider Stanley/Stella, and earlier this year also improved our logistic solutions with DHL's GoGreen service.
Green monstera leaves

As part of their strategy, DHL has been developing environmentally-friendly logistics solutions in order to optimise transport routes, create alternative drive vehicles and energy-efficient warehouses. More recently our main logistic partner DHL added a few interesting value adding services such as Carbon Reports, a Green Optimisation service as well as Climate Neutral Services.

Through DHL’s Climate Neutral Service, together we can compensate the carbon footprint of the logistic and warehousing emissions we create during marketing production and delivery. With each of our projects DHL contributes resources and funds to recognised climate protection projects like wind power plants in Nicaragua, reforestation in Uganda and biomass power plants in India among others.

As we at Framme often use our customer’s logistic partners we won’t be able to affect all logistical choices, however, with most of our deliveries will be transferred to use DHL’s GoGreen. These include fully climate compensated international deliveries.

We are super delighted to take these first tiny step towards more sustainable deliveries and warehousing with DHL. The steps that do good to our planet. For more information, please talk to our Production Lead Pauli Kuusijärvi at pauli|at|framme.com.



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