Kudos to Kuudes

Red Dot Award winning projects by Kuudes and Framme

A Red Dot Award Win is massive! An incredible outcome for our collaboration with Kuudes.

Red Dot Polka what? Bear with us. The Red Dot Design Award is an international product and communication design competition. Probably the biggest heat in the design world. Understandably, winning at global awards is a kind of a big deal. Especially if you win not just one, but three awards as Kuudes did!

In the past year, we have been working with Kuudes and their creative director Piëtke Visser quite a bit. In fact, two out of these three Red Dot Awards was a great outcome for our collaboration. One for Pohjolan Voima’s publication – which also won silver at the Finnish Design Award Vuoden Huiput – and another one for Institut Finlandais identity.

Electric company’s Pohjolan Voima’s 75th-anniversary publication was inspired by electric cords, copper wires and rubber insulation. Together with Visser, we created a tailor-made, electrifying result by using copper foilings, bindings and bold blue colours.

Pohjolan Voima Red Dot awards book by Kuudes and Framme

The materials were a combination of four different papers from Gmund selection. Gold Rich Copper 310g/m2 worked as the opening sheet for the book, Munken Polar Rough taking turns with Multiart Silk and MetsäBoard Prime for the cover. All materials were carefully chosen to match PEFC-certificate,

explains Framme’s Production Lead Pauli Kuusijärvi

Pauli’s knowledge and understanding of the production details is something we and our clients love. Truly making inspiration actionable;

“In the Pohjolan Voima book’s printing process, we topped CMYK two additional PMS colours with PMS copper printed double over a black underprint to reach the highest quality.

The finishings of the book were a soft touch laminate outside the cover to imitate those electric cable wire covers. Cover and opening sheets were also complemented with a crisp blind embossing. The book also had coloured threads and dark brown section to strengthen the book’s back. To top it all off with a bang came in the copper edge foil.”

Institut Finlandais Red Dot Award Winning identity by Kuudes. Production by Framme

For the Institute Finlandais identity, we helped Kuudes and Piëtke with foil and paper selections across different stationery materials including these beautiful envelopes. We selected and ordered various weights of Keaykolour Camel paper from our trusted producer to the printing house and ended up using 1+0 brass foiling in order to reach the desired quality.

Résultat? Incroyable.