Let’s get physical.


Instead of doing campaigns and materials as you always have done, we want you to rethink your approach for physical marketing production.

A few years ago, in the distant islands of the Philippines, Marko our CEO and I were in a pool chatting away about life and business. We covered everything from sunsets and local seafood to my life in Melbourne and his in Stockholm. And, looking like crocodiles, albeit a bit dumber, we made plans for the rest of the holiday.

Having crossed off the important topics; the magical chocolate hills of Bohol (sidenote: these didn’t contain as much milk chocolate as we had initially hoped), and the yumminess of the soft shell crabs we’d eaten before, our conversation shifted to business.

More specifically, we started forming an idea for a digital service that could help creatives and brands make the physical materials that they’d always dreamt of having, but tended to be really challenging to produce into a reality. You know ones – not the boring giveaways or POS materials – but the wonderful, well-thought-out ideas and unique materials that become part of something bigger. The ones that help brands create emotions and connect with their customers.

Our idea: A digital service that empowers creative marketers to create bespoke physical marketing materials and campaigns easily.

We believed back then, and still do, that because physical channels stimulate more senses than digital channels, they enable brands to create a more unique experience for their customers.

Digital channels, in turn, are great for cost-efficient mass marketing with better data, tracking segmentation capabilities. Digital channels are often even better with purchasing transactions as customers can buy goods online wherever and whenever, and the stock can be kept in lower cost warehouses rather than in brick-and-mortar stores.

Perhaps now more than ever, the emphasis among brands is increasingly being put on staging unique experiences that align with the brand in stores, popup shops, events, festivals, and even internally within company offices. The focus of physical marketing is shifting as brands need to think what the future of retail looks like for them. Joseph Pine II and James Gilmore were already on the ball back in 1998.

Today the idea that started out on a few wrinkled post-it notes after a “crocodile chat” in the pool has evolved into the service you see. It has become framme.com. Since May 2018, we have validated the concept, and with the input of dozens of creatives and brand managers all over Helsinki, Stockholm and Berlin we have prioritised and codesigned its features. We still have loads to do but here are the two key features and sections we have designed and built so far.

Black section: Art directors and creatives. This one is for you.

I used to work in a creative agency in my previous life, so I know that art directors, creatives and designers are like sponges. Constantly absorbing, seeking and collecting ideas and inspiration. And often flying miles high after a client brief.

I like that moment. Coming up with new ideas. Divergent thinking. With Framme, we want to give you more food for thought. Or actually tiny snacks. In our black Inspiration section, we showcase some of the new and hot-shit materials, and methods our network can use today to create tangible products and productions.

Our aim is not to compete with Pinterest, Adweek, Behance and other great sources for inspiration. We just want you to rethink the materials and methods you use. Some of them are stuff you never heard of, some sustainable alternatives that we all often use. Oh, and yes, we also want to reduce the number of hours spent on shitty and time-consuming research and sourcing. The activity the creatives really don’t like.

White section: Ohoy, producers, and project/brand/marketing managers. This will knock your socks off.

With our white Action section, we want to solve some of the biggest challenges that creative marketers and brand keepers have. Often it isn’t about coming up with an idea, but narrowing down the options to meet the budget and timings with convergent thinking. During our research this is what we heard from the producers and brand/marketing managers:

  • Who can actually produce the materials or my idea?
  • What are the costs? At least a ballpark number in the beginning!
  • What are the lead and delivery times?
  • And can I trust these producers and suppliers?
  • All this, without compromising the original idea!

We have a solution. In the Action section, we show a constantly growing number of different products and productions we have done with our trusted network during the past eight years. We also want to show you costs, lead times and recommended minimum order quantities too. The beauty of these products and productions, is, that you can customise them for your brand or client’s brand.

You can just sit back and relax in the knowledge we have a trustworthy producer, manufacturer or a craftsman for it. We keep you updated during the project from sourcing to production and delivery without charging our time. We have been working with the majority of these suppliers for more than seven years, just under a different brand; Gravity Nordic.

Our service, Framme, is not an eCommerce site where you buy things off the shelf. It is a service that allows you to customise all products and productions as you like. With the help of our production experts.

So, take a moment and think about your approach to marketing production today. And now turn your thoughts to the future. What could you be doing if you had access to a larger number of quality suppliers, manufacturers and craftsmen, across different countries and disciplines? The only limitation is your imagination.

Three clicks to remember at framme.com

  1. The icon that tries to look like two speech bubbles: If you already know what to make, but don’t know who can help you with it? We can. Just click the icon (or use our live chat) and tell us your idea or challenge. Our team will help you without charging a dime before an order is made. Sounds like a bargain to me.
  2. Inspiration: By clicking this section you’ll get inspiring new materials and production ideas. I bet you haven’t heard of Humanium.
  3. Action: This section is almost like Pinterest, but with healthy steroids? We don’t only show ideas from our network of fantastic makers, but also a price estimation, customisation options, recommended minimum order quantities and delivery and lead times too. And here’s the best bit. You can customise all of them as you wish.

Currently, we are working on more features including a function that shows all your enquiries, orders and materials under your account. We strive to reduce the number of emails and are nearly there. Shortly all your projects and materials can easily be accessed from framme.com.

And yes, we feedback. What you would like to see more of in Framme? What we could do better? Please flick an email to me with your thoughts: jani|at|framme.com or give a call to +358 40 9312 666.