I always dreamed of being a rock star. Couldn’t play any instrument, can’t sing – but I could have looked the part though…. 

I even went so far that I ordered a guitar 2 years ago online, while I was having a traditional “kalsarikännit” at my home. When I finally received it, I didn’t have the patience or talent to practice it – I’ve actually played it so little that when I take it out to try and play, my 1,5 year-old-daughter gets scared.

The same things applies to my work – I’m not an expert in anything, I’m more of a generalist. So I truly admire the people I’ve so far been able to surround myself with. Everyday they do and get inspired by things, tackle challenges and create possibilities in a way I can only dream of!

The same thing I see every day around our company – when I travel, meet people or hear about the people my team has met or talked with. 

People like the leather craftsman; Bruce:

“I work by myself with no employees, I have no website (I simply haven’t had time because I manage everything myself) and I am really bad because I don’t speak any other languages – even worse that I spent two months living in Tystberga and still can’t speak any Swedish! I’m not a big company but just one man who likes to make things in a 250 year old barn in the middle of the remote Welsh countryside. I’d hardly call myself a high profile!”

As you can imagine, there is some amazing talent out there, people with skills that nobody ever heard about.

So while I see and hear about the talent, it’s frustrating for me that so many of these people are not visible and as successful as I believe they could and should be.

Here’s my 3 reasons and thoughts about it:

  1. Tradition of thinking mass production, the ease-of-use of bulk production platforms, and the focus on costs instead of on the quality and end results.
  2. The challenge that comes with being an expert. The people I’ve met are so good and have so much passion for what they do that it’s the only thing they want or have time to do. So they too often skip the part of marketing and selling their expertise. (Of course there are exceptions.)
  3. If you produce by order (not have ready brand or ready made products), there isn’t an easy way / platform to sell your expertise.
  4. And the creatives with the ideas don’t often have time to look for you.

These are some of the reasons we are creating and launching the platform – Framme.

We want to give the best craftsmen, producers and artisans in the world a platform where they can showcase, market and sell their skills, knowhow and passion as a product. (And for the brands to find them…)

To help elevate the best ideas into higher, more meaningful and impactful level!

To create real emotions!

To make inspiration actionable!