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I wrote this post right before the global Covid-19 pandemic. 

But then all of a sudden it took over everything. The world was filled with chaos, uncertainty and fear so I decided to hold this to myself. Now that everybody’s pretty much used of the new normal and nothing but covid stories in the media, I believe it’s right time to publish this. 2019 was a rough year. 

Kill your darlings. With a heavy heart that’s what exactly we did.

Now looking back, it taught me more about myself, our people and life in general than any other year before. So…Feeling of Life and cheers to that!

We at Framme started the year 2019 with a bang. With the support of Business Finland, we launched our new Framme platform and brand in London, UK, to sell marketing production skills as products. 

We thought and hoped we had cracked the code: 

  • An easy to use platform for the brand marketers and creatives to make their marketing and promotional ideas into reality with a direct link to experts.
  • An easy to scale platform for us to make it possible to help more people faster.  

But in the end, the truth is, we couldn’t make it work. We couldn’t make it profitable. And that is why we made the difficult decision to kill it at Q3 2019.

It was a tough decision for me personally, because I had visioned it and I had believed in it with all my heart. But like William Faulkner has said: “Kill your darlings.” And with a heavy heart that’s exactly what we did.

And don’t get me wrong. I still believe in the need and the problem we tried to solve for the creatives. Now more than ever – how make creative ideas into reality without compromising them?

However, killing the platform led to the unexpected part. Only after “the failure” the real learning started. Thanks to the courage, openness and commitment of everybody in the team and around us.

It was time to get back to the drawing board. Why didn’t it work? Was the timing wrong? What would we do differently? Think about your actions. Think about the essence. Think about the core. And the core question for me was. What is marketing really about?

Starting with facts:

Marketing is one of the worst industries in the world after the fashion and airline industry. This industry promotes solutions and products that are or aren’t good for us or the society. It all depends on the product we try and market. 

So the positive impacts of marketing, especially on a community level, are always indirect and harder to measure.

But the negatives. We see them all the time. For example, this industry produces a lot of shit into this world that is just being thrown away. Stuff that “we’ve always done before”. Stuff that others do or have done, so we have to copy and do the same.

Marketing must be one of the worst industries in the world after the fashion and airline industry from sustainability perspective.

According to studies (e.g. The Yankelovich Center  -study, 2007) an average person living in a city faces 5 000 marketing stimulants a day! A day! And that was 2007. Now it’s been estimated to be closer to 10 000!

The number is amazingly huge. It has become so big that we actively and subconsciously block adverts, messages, ideas and content out of our lives. 

Advert blocking services flourish, but at the same time, our brain’s internal blocking systems do the same thing. We actually numb ourselves, whether we want it or not! The paradox is that it’s not what any marketer or a person wants. I believe 99 % of us have good intentions, but limited time (see Jani’s blogpost) and life gets in the way.

In the end, what is marketing, business and life actually about?

In my opinion, the answer is the same for all three –  it’s about people! In the end, we do marketing for real people. So we need to put people again in the center.

I believe marketing, like life, is about creating real connections between people (and brands). Giving people a chance of falling in love with you, because of who you are, what you believe in and what you strive for.

Truly understanding “the obvious”, meant a lot for me personally and for us at Framme.  We came back to the fact that people trust people. People connect with people. People care about people. So don’t exclude people but include them more strongly.

Which is why, I personally promise that real, honest and caring people are in the heart of our operations now and also in the future.

And talking about real, honest and caring people, I’m proud to announce that Jani Modig is our new Managing Director starting already in the beginning of 2020. 

Jani has taken on the Framme mission: “To inspire creative souls make impactful and more sustainable marketing.” Minimising waste, while maximising the real connections we all desire, need and love! 

Rambled by

Marko Heino Framme Chairman of the Board

Marko Heino,
Founder & Chairman of the Board

ps. I personally won’t be going anywhere, just taking a step back back from the operative to the Chairman of the Board -role and that way focusing on the long term future.

pss. Post photo by Aziz Azharki // Unsplash