The stuff we do

Glasses, drinkwear and bar gear

We consider ourselves pretty handy when it comes to helping distilleries, breweries and alcohol brands. We help you make tailor-made glasses, POS materials, and influencer, event, restaurant and bar gear.

Jaloviina bartender kit by Framme

Options and possibilities

  • Materials and sustainability: Aprons, bar mats, bartender equipment, champagne coolers, coasters, cocktail sticks, glasses, mugs, paper straws, pourers, trays etc. We help you choose the most sustainable material for each item. 
  • Certifications: Depending on the item.
  • Customisation options: Almost unlimited. Just tell us what you’re after.

Typical delivery time: Within 4-14 weeks depending on item and quantity.

Jaloviina bartender set
3D modelled spoon with a rams head for Ramsbury by Framme
3D modelled spoon with a rams head for Ramsbury by Framme
Koskenkorva branded tray by Framme
OP Andersson shot glas by Framme
Branded hip flask for Lauri Haav by Framme
Branded enamel mugs for Habibi by Framme

Want to make something similar?

Or do you have a new, idea for a project we can help you with? Flick us a message with the form, livechat or call and we’ll help all the way.