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Headphones and speakers

We believe that great marketing should make you feel. Music can make us remember the good old times, create new memories, make us cry, laugh, dance or get goosebumps. So it goes without saying that headphones and speakers can truly elevate your brand.

Options and possibilities

  • Materials and sustainability: Plastics and others. High quality products that last a long time.
  • Customisation options: Single or multi-color printing, laser engravery.
  • Brands we love to work with: Bose and Marshall

Typical delivery time: 3-4 weeks

casinohuone sony headphones
casinohuone Sony headphones
framme bose speaker
framme bose speaker
casinohuone bose headphones
Betsafe marshall speaker
casinohuone bose headphones

Want to make something similar?

Send us your enquiry or questions by email or give us a call at +358 45 265 2650. Our production team will help you all the way.