Improving customer retention with personalised branded gifts.

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Improving customer retention with personalised branded gifts. - Framme

When it comes to treating your loyal customers well, Kindred Group goes one step further with personalised gifting to thousands of loyal customers.

Allowing customers to choose their preferred branded gifts.

With the help of Framme's gifting platform, Kindred Group was able to use technology and customer surveys to forecast demand for specific items.

The idea was to ask Kindred Group’s customers about their wishes and in this way validate demand before producing orders. In addition to reducing waste, this is an excellent way to truly delight customers and team members by making sure that they get what they want when they want it.

These branded products and customer gifts have been delivered across Europe directly to recipients’ homes and Kindred’s offices.

Gifts with customer's own name.

For the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Cup, Kindred Group used Framme’s new Magic Link solution to launch a personalised campaign where they would send their loyal customers a Finnish National Team Ice Hockey Jersey with the number and name of the customer’s preferred player.

On top of those ‘Leijonat’ jerseys, loyal customers could also choose branded vests, backpacks and other lovely goodies. Let's go Finnish Hockey and Kindred Teams!

Depending on the item, Framme's gifting software orders are automatically directed to the right producers and warehouse. Reducing waste whilst keeping unit costs down. Best of both worlds.

“We have been delighted with how quickly we managed to pull campaigns off with Framme. They’ve been very fast to build new technological solutions and have saved us a lot of time whilst delighting our loyal customers nicely.”

– Jasse Hinkkanen, VIP Account Manager at Kindred Group

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