Customer and VIP gifting

We help you order send exclusive gifts, branded merch and even gifts cards with only a few clicks. Like a champ.

  • 01—Create a campaign

    01—Create a campaign

    Choose segments who'll get your gifts, select branded merch and gifts in our platform and set your personalised message.

  • 02—Recipients get a Magic Link

    02—Recipients get a Magic Link

    Your customers, partners or ambassadors can choose sizes, colours and models of their preferred gifts and provide delivery address.

  • 03—We handle the rest

    03—We handle the rest

    We take care of production, packing and shipping gifts. You can see order statuses real-time.

Choose gifts from our Collection. Or enquire special stuff and our production specialists find suppliers for them.


  • Great customer experience

    Great customer experience

    • Your customers can choose their preferred gift(s) in right sizes, colours, models etc.
    • And receive gifts in branded boxes and with your personal message
  • Saving your team's time

    Saving your team's time

    • We handle everything on your behalf: orders, packaging and deliveries
    • We provide you continuously new ideas for gifts through our curated Collection & F2F meetings
  • Improving revenue and loyalty

    Improving revenue and loyalty

    • Gifting increases revenue and customer life-time value (CLV) and improve retention
    • You get data to measure and improve VIP and customer gifting

We help you send gifts in the right moments.

Increase customer loyalty and revenue by sending gifts

  • Before their birthdays or Christmas (occasion based)
  • Before key events like FIFA World Cup or after your conference (occasion based)
  • When they have interacted with you (trigger/CRM based)

Brands of all shapes and sizes trust us.