Benefits of Own Brand Store

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Benefits of Own Brand Store - Framme

Promotional product management, Own Brand Store solutions help brand and marketing managers to control their brand across channels, offices retailers and campaigns. It connects identity guidelines with physical branded items, and creates streamlined workflows.

Building brand consistency is key to any organisation’s growth. We have all worked in organisations, where logos, images, fonts and physical marketing materials are a bit off or wonky. Or that the materials used don’t create a quality impression of the brand you would like to make. For us branding experts, those moments create extra wrinkles. Grey hairs and stress.

With modern Promotional Product Management solutions, this job becomes a whole lot easier. It enables marketers to manage all organisation’s brand assets, from social media posts to point-of-sale materials and branded t-shirts, and then distribute them across channels and locations more efficiently. 

The outcome: a consistent brand can increase your revenue up to 33%.

Digital and physical brand asset management tools

These days there are many fantastic MarTech tools available for brand marketers to improve their daily work. As digital marketing channels have exponentially grown in the past decades, many of these tools focus on controlling brand and campaigns in the digital channels. For example, solutions like Frontify and BrandMaster are great at this.

Until now, there haven’t been proper solutions to manage physical brand assets from multiple suppliers. We realise, that many different physical asset producers from printing houses to merchandise providers have had their own shops where marketers have been able to order items, but without giving an overview of all brand’s assets and order processes.  

We help you change this. You can combine your brand assets from all your suppliers and warehouses, and digitise and optimise the order processes for you.

One of our customers, A Baltic bank Luminor, manages their digital brand assets, like photos, print layout templates and social media ads.

Why promotional product management?

One of the most common challenges we keep hearing from brand marketers is having the time and resources to work with long-term and value-added initiatives that are aligned with the brand strategy. Instead, the days are consumed by ad hoc tasks like handling enquiries, checking samples, scheduling logistics and collecting order quantities which takes away focus and the ability to build brand awareness.

With the help of a promotional product management solution you can simplify and digitise branding, order and distribution processes. Making it easy for anyone – whether internal marketing and sales teams or your retailers – to use your brand assets without risking brand inconsistency.

So that you don’t have to spend your time being a brand police. 

All physical brand assets from a single place

With all physical brand assets in one single location, managing brand becomes effortless. Your team and even retailers can see which items are available, in-stock and up-to-date. You can define different asset selections and views for different retailer tiers and user groups.

They can order items from all of your suppliers and warehouses from a single (and mobile-friendly) interface. You never have to worry about anyone harming your brand’s identity as you can provide an access to order brand assets with guidelines.

Benefits of a physical brand asset solution

  • Time savings: Searching and looking for assets from different order portals and collecting order quantities from the markets and users is time consuming. With everything neatly in one single place we’ll help you typically save time up to 3 days per month
  • Increase revenue: When your brand is consistent and assets easily available, you eliminate the risk of anyone being creative on their own which can have huge impacts on sales and brand perception
  • Cost savings: Brands can often make cost savings by collecting order quantities from markets, optimising stock quantities and deliveries. With physical brand asset solution, you collect data for better decisions 

At the end of the day, improving physical brand management allows you to focus on the bigger picture whilst ensuring the daily operations do not steal all your time in the way of your brand building. Creating positive brand associations and achieving brand awareness requires everyone from your team and retail partners to pull in the same direction.

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